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About Capital Region Workforce Boards

Providing Employers the Building Blocks for a Better Business.

Even if business is good, there can be challenges that an employer may face. Finding the right answers and support can be a part of the challenge.

The Capital Region Workforce Boards offer employers and hiring managers in the Northern Central California region access to the right business resources and support, so you can focus on the important parts of your business.

What we offer:

  • Hiring Services
  • Assessment for Job Preparedness
  • Database of Job-Ready and Skilled Applicants
  • Interview Scheduling, Interview and Meeting Facilities
  • On-the-Job and Customized Training

Capital Region Workforce Boards’ Annual Numbers

Total Customers – 31,526

Total Services – 420,575

Adults with Barriers – 86.6%

Adult Employment Rate – 70.2%

Adult Employment Rate – 70.6%

Return on Investment – $1 Invested = $4.38 in earnings

Average Annual Earnings – $41,038